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It depends on each woman, so we recommend you to try Momiji natural at home first.
You can get the number of pads you need and correct timing for changing them too.

No, since Momiji natural is washable and reusable,
So you don�ft need to buy them every month.

Using Momiji natural is about ten times cheaper than
using disposable pads. You can save 90% of money
you spend on the disposable pads per month.

Because Momiji natural is made of 100% cotton fabric.
It has no bad effects on your body and it can avoid
the humidity keeping in pad and will not cause any skin troubles.
Moreover, it makes your blood flow naturally as it should be.

Momiji natural is highly degradable
because it is made of 100% cotton fabric.
More importantly, since it is washable and reusable,
you don�ft need to throw or destroy them causing environment pollution.