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Momiji natural is a washable and reusable menstrual pad
specially made of 100% cotton fabric.
So you can use Momiji natural many times by washing,
and you don't have to throw or destroy your pads after every use.
The material of the surface of Momiji natural is 100% cotton flannel,
so it can avoid your body being cold, and make you always comfortable.
These are the differences from other disposable pads however,
Momiji natural is convenient as same as them,
because it has high absorbent power and portability even after use.

Momiji natural has no polythene sheet,
so the humidity can evaporate from the pad nicely and
it can avoid the skin troubles and bad smell, and make you always comfortable.

Momiji natural has a special inside core with several layers
specially made of 100% cotton fabric,
and the surface is also made of 100% cotton flannel,
so it can absorb your blood immediately and keep it nicely.
That's why you can feel always safe and fresh
with Momiji natural.